Coach Mentorship Opportunity – Now Accepting Applications

mentorCoach Mentorship Opportunity – Now Accepting Applications 

I am now accepting applications for our next New Coach Mentorship Group!

Are you interested in earning additional income for your family?

Would you like to work from home doing a job that also will get you into the best shape of your life?

I’m looking for 10 women who are who are ready to help others and who are determined to take control of their family’s financial future.

If you are interested in building wealth and creating financial stability for your family, comment YES below to be considered for our next New Coach Mentorship Program and then fill out this application:

We start June 13th and we have already had a ton of interest – thank you to everyone who has already applied! . I will be making my final selection by Sunday, June 12th and I’m limiting it to 10 so that I can really invest in each one of you as you get your businesses up and running.

Apply if you are willing to:

– Just BEE yourself and share with people about your health and fitness journey.

– Create a home-based business based on helping others.

– Be coachable and willing to LEARN.

– Be ready for some BIG positive changes.

You do not need to be a fitness professional or a nutritionist, you do not need to be in shape, you do not need any sort of educational background. All you need is a desire to help others and a want for FREEDOM in your life.

Comment any questions below – and if you know anyone else who might be a perfect fit for this opportunity, feel free to share this post with them!

June Fitness Challenge

summerThis June, are you ready to get in shape and get some BALANCE into your busy life?

I’m looking for 15 busy ladies who are sick and tired of being tired, who need more energy to keep up with their busy lives, and who NEED the motivation to start and keep going with an exercise program.
Do you wish that you would have started your healthy eating and workout journey THREE months ago to prepare for the summer?
If so – It’s OK! Don’t panic now – just breathe deep and relax.
So you DIDN’T start 3 Months ago, don’t sweat it – remember that worrying about things NEVER gets them done!
It’s time to just do it. And do it right this time.
It’s time to get some organization and balance in your life in the form of a quick daily fitness routine that you can do at home, an easy to follow meal plan, an online support group to keep you going, and a COACH to hold you accountable and who will BEE there to pull you back on the wagon whenever you fall off.
Don’t let BUSY be your excuse!

22-30 minutes of your day can be wasted just scrolling Facebook, watching YouTube Videos, playing on Pinterest, or watching TV – why not use that time to make PROGRESS?

Are you ready?

I can’t wait until you come back telling me that you feel better than you have felt in a LONG time!

Are you ready have a program that is DO-ABLE for a REALLY busy person?

I can’t wait until you report back that your clothes fitting better, that your kids are eating healthier, and that you are saving money by meal planning and cutting out the JUNK. 🍕

Need motivation? Just wait until everyone starts noticing your progress and starts asking you WHAT you have been doing!

I am so passionate about this program and this group because it REALLY works! We are a team and we all support one another.
Life gets hectic and we get BUSY – but we don’t have to feel like we are JUST SURVIVING.

It’s time to start living intentionally.

Changing a few very small things in your routine and repeating this every day will add up to HUGE results! That’s what we do – that’s what I’m here to help you do.

It’s easy to do, it’s easy not to do.
You make the choice!

I can only take 15 ladies this month so this group is going to fill up quickly! Just click this link to apply!

And of course comment YES if you’re interested in learning more about it and I will BEE in touch 💋
It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress. It’s not about HAVING the time, it’s about MAKING the time…

Are you ready?

Beachbody Coaching – A Quick Look Into My World

pidgeonBeachbody Coaching has changed my life and I get so excited about sharing this with others.

I have been getting a lot of questions about exactly what I do as a Beachbody Coach and how I earn a full time income from home as a Coach.

In response to this – I will be hosting a 3 day group next week that will give you a Quick Look into what coaching is all about. We start Monday and I plan to provide you with helpful info, answer any of your questions, give you a chance to win some Shakeology to try, and have fun and get to know you a little better too smile emoticon

This business – the workouts, the coaching, the accountability, the Shakeology, AND the strong focus on my personal fitness has completely changed my life for the better and that is EXACTLY why I am so passionate about sharing it with others.

No obligation.
No hidden agenda.
No sales pitch.

Just 3 Videos a day with helpful and inspiring information.

Just straight forward info that might just be exactly what you have been wondering, curious, concerned, or intrigued about when it comes to coaching.

I’m looking for others that share my passion. My vision. My mission.

We are GROWING and we are not planning to stop any time soon.

Come BEE a fly on the wall next week and learn a little more about an opportunity that has LITERALLY changed my life and could very well do the same for YOU too if you’re willing to learn, be mentored, and duplicate my efforts.

To be added to my VIP list, comment “ADD ME” below or send me a message!!!

Can’t wait to show you what coaching is all about!!

❤️ – Laura — with Justin Buzzell.