I’m Doing this for ME – Fitness Support Group

We are now accepting applications for our Fall Fitness Support Group!

As a Mom, it’s Fall, and that means it’s that bittersweet time again…

–> Time for the fall weather
–> Time for football
–> Time for pumpkin EVERYTHING
–> Time for KIDS to go Back To School!

For me, I know it’s going to be TOUGH being away from all of the summertime fun – but I have to admit that the change of season DOES give me MORE time to focus on MYSELF.

For me, it’s going to come in the form of tightening up my OWN health and fitness, and I’m looking for 10 ladies to coach next month. I plan to take these 10 under my wing with a solid, healthy routine, guide them back ON TRACK, and then help them stay there.

I know from experience that, every time that I have decided to put my own health high up on the priority list and then ACT upon it, it has ALWAYS been a win-win situation, for EVERYONE!

When I am filling my body with the nutrition it needs, drinking LOTS of water, exercising regularly, and having the support of a group of accountability partners to keep me going and keep me honest – I am an ALL AROUND a happier person!!

I FEEL better
I have more energy
I get less anxiety and depression
I have less aches and pains
I have a positive focus
My marriage is better
I can keep up with my boys and all the other “stuff” I have to do

I am SO happy that I started doing these groups a little over 3 years ago! When I started, it was a big POSITIVE change and I have been going STRONG ever since. It has made such a huge difference in my life which is WHY I am SO passionate about sharing it with YOU.

The ladies in this group are getting…

➡ Educated on HOW to eat clean, how to meal plan, and how to determine how much food and water they need daily.

➡ A customized workout program and meal planning system that has been designed by an EXPERT trainer.

➡ 30 days of breakfast which is our healthiest meal of the day.

➡ A consistent, reliable coach (ME) and a group of fantastic, motivating workout buddies and friends to support, uplift, and encourage.

➡ A program that fits their busy schedule.

➡ Increased confidence, a new outlook on your potential, and a new realization of what they are capable of.

To be considered for a spot in this group, click here and fill out this application!

The time we have to ourselves is VERY limited ladies!! Let’s make our ME time this month include NEW health habits that will affect all aspects of our health and wellbeing!!

Who’s ready for this?? We start September 6th and the deadline to apply is SUNDAY the 4th!

I Used To BEE A Worrier

worryCan I just say… I used to be a WORRIER.

Not just a little bit. I mean, I used to worry a LOT. I worried about the future. I worried I would get sick or that my kids would get sick. I worried about what people thought of me.

I had anxiety. Not just in my mind but PHYSICALLY. In my chest. Like someone was reaching into my chest and grabbing their fist around my esophagus.

I also partied a lot. I stayed up toooooo late ALL. THE. TIME. I was filling my mind with garbage and my body too. And I was miserable.

Finally, when I was at rock bottom – I saw God for who He really is and I realized that it was He that was leading me to that place for quite some time.

I’m headstrong… “Hard headed” my Grandmother would have said in Italian.

LauraI NEEDED to crash and burn in order to finally be HUMBLED. To finally be forced to hold my tongue. To be introduced to the TRUTH – finally.

I was sent to an all women’s Christian Discipleship program in the middle of the desert in California where I had to rough it with only the essentials – I was stripped of my pride and I was empty.

But Praise Him who filled me up there.

Praise Him for letting me see for the first time something that had been right in my face all my life.


That’s all I needed the WHOLE time.

I don’t worry so much anymore. And my anxiety is something that when it comes – I just wait for it to go and I know that its NOT in control of me.

God is.

The greatest mystery and the greatest gift for me has been my salvation. Since then – its all been so much easier.

Rick warren said, “The more you pray, the less you’ll panic. The more you worship, the less you worry. You’ll feel more patient and less pressured.”  … and this is SO true!

Trust. Believe. Pray.

If I can do this – YOU can too!  For I don’t fear the future now; but rather, I look forward to each new day with my heart full – visualizing the days, months, years, and eternity to come.

May BEE Its Time For a Change

May BEE It’s Time For a Change!Laura
Do you desperately want to have MORE energy and FINALLY feel comfortable in your skin BUT – you feel like your life is TOO hectic right now to fit in any type of health and fitness routine?

If your answer is YES – consider this fact…

 30 minutes is ONLY 2% of your day and if you use it to exercise – it will have such a HUGE impact on so many areas of your life!

Before I started being involved with these groups, I was busy YES – but I was tired, depressed, and self conscious. My busy life felt overwhelming. I had anxiety and worried about so many things.

Now – after maintaining a solid routine of exercise and nutrition, I can handle my busy life SO much better.

I have more energy, more spunk, more focus, and I feel good about myself from the inside out.

I want YOU to experience this too which is why I’m so passionate about helping women through these support groups.

When you join this group, BEE ready to…menonip

 Have More Energy
 Have the support you need
 Increase Your Confidence
 Ditch the belly BLOAT
 Fit into Your Clothes Better
 Stop hiding from the Camera
 Meet other ladies JUST yourself.

It’s time for us to DITCH the excuses we’ve been making this past winter and it’s time to DECIDE right now that we are not going to go BACKWARDS anymore – especially with Spring HERE and Summer right around the corner!

Nope. It’s time to make PROGRESS!

I’m looking for 20 women who want to lose 10-20 lbs next month and/or just tone up and feel AMAZING – BEFORE the Summer clothes come out!

During this group – we will be toning, tightening, eating clean, practicing portion control, losing pounds and inches, practicing self discipline, and feeling amazing about our accomplishments!

We start May 2nd for preseason and this group is going to fill up very quickly!

Comment YES below for more info and/or click this link to apply for one of the 20 spots!!


And hey- if you know someone who desires to change the way they look and feel – feel free to SHARE this post to help me spread the word!