Your Total Solution Fitness Challenge Group

:: Now Accepting Applications ::

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Do you want to get on track with your health & fitness goals and make some REAL progress in 2017?

Are you looking for a simple and straightforward nutrition and fitness program? One that comes with the support of someone with experience who will be there to motivate you, hold you accountable, and not let you QUIT when the going get’s tough?

Would you be even more motivated by an online group that comes the chance to get a cut of a 2-3 MILLION DOLLAR POT just for participating?

I’m looking for 20 individuals to who are ready to start making DAILY progress with their health and fitness starting January 2nd.

I plan to coach, mentor, and hold these 20 accountable next month in our Premier Online Support group of 2017 and BEYOND.

If you are interested in getting one-on-one help from a Certified Fitness Trainer and Coach (me); as well as, receive group motivation, fitness & meal planning support, plus get daily positivity & accountability – comment YES below to be considered for one of the 10 available spots!

Before I got involved with coaching and these groups…

I was a HOT mess.

→ New Mom

→ OFF track with my fitness

→ Sick and tired of being TIRED

→ Daily aches and pains

→ NO time for ME

→ Anxiety, depression, and obsessiveness

→ Unhappy even though I was truly BLESSED

I felt isolated and uncomfortable in my skin and I KNEW that I needed to do SOMETHING and QUICK….

So I took a leap of faith and joined a group just like this one, started exercising again, eating clean, drinking Shakeology, and was FINALLY plugged into the type of SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY that I needed.

By changing things up, getting some help and guidance, and having a group of others JUST like me to help keep me on track – my whole life was and is still being transformed.

Now that I have been doing these groups for almost 4 years now, I am…

→ In the BEST shape and health of my life.

→ My marriage just keeps getting better.

→ I have inspired so many others to have the same type of change.

→ I’m less stressed, more relaxed, & can handle situations so much better now.

→ I can do things I NEVER thought would be possible.

I am looking for 20 to join me for 2017.

I’m looking for people who are serious about changing the way they look and feel.

If you are READY to start your own transformation story with me this January, fill out this application and then I will be in touch!

DON’T doubt yourself for ONE second!!

Take that leap of faith – You will never know what goals you are capable of reaching until you START!


I’m Doing this for ME – Fitness Support Group

We are now accepting applications for our Fall Fitness Support Group!

As a Mom, it’s Fall, and that means it’s that bittersweet time again…

–> Time for the fall weather
–> Time for football
–> Time for pumpkin EVERYTHING
–> Time for KIDS to go Back To School!

For me, I know it’s going to be TOUGH being away from all of the summertime fun – but I have to admit that the change of season DOES give me MORE time to focus on MYSELF.

For me, it’s going to come in the form of tightening up my OWN health and fitness, and I’m looking for 10 ladies to coach next month. I plan to take these 10 under my wing with a solid, healthy routine, guide them back ON TRACK, and then help them stay there.

I know from experience that, every time that I have decided to put my own health high up on the priority list and then ACT upon it, it has ALWAYS been a win-win situation, for EVERYONE!

When I am filling my body with the nutrition it needs, drinking LOTS of water, exercising regularly, and having the support of a group of accountability partners to keep me going and keep me honest – I am an ALL AROUND a happier person!!

I FEEL better
I have more energy
I get less anxiety and depression
I have less aches and pains
I have a positive focus
My marriage is better
I can keep up with my boys and all the other “stuff” I have to do

I am SO happy that I started doing these groups a little over 3 years ago! When I started, it was a big POSITIVE change and I have been going STRONG ever since. It has made such a huge difference in my life which is WHY I am SO passionate about sharing it with YOU.

The ladies in this group are getting…

➡ Educated on HOW to eat clean, how to meal plan, and how to determine how much food and water they need daily.

➡ A customized workout program and meal planning system that has been designed by an EXPERT trainer.

➡ 30 days of breakfast which is our healthiest meal of the day.

➡ A consistent, reliable coach (ME) and a group of fantastic, motivating workout buddies and friends to support, uplift, and encourage.

➡ A program that fits their busy schedule.

➡ Increased confidence, a new outlook on your potential, and a new realization of what they are capable of.

To be considered for a spot in this group, click here and fill out this application!

The time we have to ourselves is VERY limited ladies!! Let’s make our ME time this month include NEW health habits that will affect all aspects of our health and wellbeing!!

Who’s ready for this?? We start September 6th and the deadline to apply is SUNDAY the 4th!

July Challenge Group

finalOH MY WORD – I am so EXCITED to announce that we are kicking off another 21 Day Fitness Challenge on July 5th, right after the holiday!
People ask me ALL THE TIME how I manage to stay so fit, workout regularly, and eat so healthy as a busy Mom and I don’t mind sharing my secrets because I LOVE seeing other women have the same type of success that I am having.  
I can confidently tell you that THE THING that helps me to stay on track and be so consistent are the online fitness accountability groups that my team and I host each month.
We workout, meal plan, eat clean, drink superfood smoothies, chat about ideas, share recipes, and support one another along the way.
Its like a fitness family of friends <3
I’m looking for 12 people to bring into our support group and coach next month. I will be sharing a solid routine and providing the support necessary to stick to it.
Before I became involved with Beachbody and our online Fitness Support groups, I had SO much trouble starting things and FINISHING them. I would get caught up in the busyness of my day and – before I knew it, my exercise and healthy eating would have been completely forgotten.
After I had my first son, I stopped exercising for 10 months and I was literally an out-of-shape hot mess… I was SO unhappy and uncomfortable in my skin.
Now, looking back, I am SO glad that someone invited me to try out this program 3 years ago! And this is exactly why I’m so passionate about helping others make the same positive changes that I did.
If you are interested in making some big changes in your health and fitness level before Summer, then I encourage you to ask me for more information!
If you’re ready to be coached and inspired, then fill out this quick application!

The last day to RSVP is June 30th and once the group is full – it’s FULL!

<3 Please no current COACHES or people who are already working with a coach! Thank you for understanding! <3