Today I’m celebrating 3 years as a Beachbody coach! laura

It’s been an amazing journey of growth, self reflection, hard work, both success and failure, and most importantly – progress.

I feel SO blessed that I took a leap of faith and jumped right in. As soon as I saw my own life and my friends and family members lives being changed by our products and the support that our team provided to them, I was hooked!

I was a very busy stay at home Mom of a 10 month old and was 3 months pregnant at the time that I signed up.

I was apprehensive but I KNEW something needed to change.

Before coaching – I had gone from being a TOTALLY fit when I was pregnant with Parker to totally doing NOTHING much for my health for 10 months after I had him.

I had let myself go because ALL my energy was focused on the baby and being sleep deprived. I was not exercising or eating healthy and I NEEDED something.

This opportunity was exactly what I needed and it came to me at exactly the right time.

I went from feeling lazy and tired to feeling motivated and full of energy.

I went from feeling soft and self conscious to being toned and more comfortable in my skin than I had ever been (even during my second pregnancy).

I went from being obsessive and nit picky to being WAAAAAYYY more laid back and calm.

It’s amazing all the magic that happens when you…

– start eating the right portions
– Drink Shakeology daily -which is an amazing source of superfoods and probiotics
– start working out regularly
– start surrounding yourself with positive and health minded people
– start making time for daily personal development
– get support and accountability
– start helping others rather than focusing all your energy on your own journey and your own problems

These things listed above – over the course of the past few years have changed me in so many ways.

This opportunity has shown me that anyone can change their life with hard work and intentional living.

Our team grown from just me and Justin to 224 coaches and we are growing these numbers each week.

I used to be ashamed of my past, and now I share my story regularly because I how being transparent and real is such an encouragement to others.

I used to make excuses for my downfalls and now I work to grow through them.

I used to let the opinions or the gossip of others make me fall silent and feel afraid. Now I used these criticisms and these false impressions to motivate myself to grow and improve.

You may have an impression as to what the Beachbody coaching business is all about – but I would encourage you to have an open mind. Ask questions. BEE curious!

Girl boss
Independent business owner
Health and Fitness Coach
Beachbody Coach

Whatever you want to call it
I call it a blessing from God.

Thank you Jesus for these past 3 years and equipping me and the others on my team with the tools and the passion to do what we do.

Help us to keep growing and finding better ways to serve others.

It takes hustle and heart.
It’s a labor of love.
It’s our mission.

Bee the change.

I have tried many things in my life.
Many vocations
Many art-forms
Many sports
Many things I should not have been doing!!

What’s ONE thing that I have ALWAYS been good at it?


But Coaching changed me.
This one stuck.

This one is what I know I’m meant to BEE doing.

This train has left the station but there’s still plenty of time to jump aboard!

Our team is on fire, this company is on fire, and this is just the beginning.

What are some pieces of advice that I have learned though all this?

1. Don’t QUIT
2. Don’t ever underestimate yourself and what you can build from the comfort of your living room.
3. Don’t ever let an uneducated apprehension hold you back from what your GUT is telling you to do.
4. When you want to BEE successful – GO ALL IN and squash your fears because it’s WORTH IT to follow your passion.

I have so much gratitude to SO many people who have supported me in this.

And I’m thankful too for anyone who didn’t as well.

Loving this journey.
Each and every second of it!

Are you feeling led to start something in YOUR life?

Well I say – don’t wait.
Time will continue to roll by.
You might as well leave legacy.
You might as well make it count.

BEE the change that you wish to see in the world.

That’s where it starts.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me on this journey. For Every thank you, every comment, and even every like and share!!

You all make it worth it.
You make me want to keep going.

It’s 3 years in and an amazing start to whatever else God has in store!

I’m ready!

Xoxo – Laura