A Little Bit More of My Story

I wanted to share a little bit more of my story with you.

I spend a HUGE part of my time on these guys right here and they are exactly the reason why I’m so passionate about life, living healthy, this crazy journey that I’m on as a coach, and why I’m always spreading the Good news about our Savior every chance I get!!
If all of that passion and excitement bothers you – well I suppose you might be following the WRONG girl because this is ME and I plan to keep sharing and shining my heart and my light daily. 

I love helping people!! My career path took me from the Boys and Girls Clubs, to teaching Art in Public Schools, to Personal Training and all the while I was a waitress on the side for extra cash and to make ends meet.

What can I say – I love meeting people, talking to people, helping people solve problems, and encouraging people.

Now – I’m a full time Mom and Entrepreneur – I’ve retired myself from working for someone else – and now I work online, out of my home helping mostly women and a handful of men improve their health, fitness, and their finances.

I’m married to my best friend Justin – the love of my life and my comic relief. We’ve been married for over 5 years now and I swear we fall more and more in love every day.

Is it always perfect? Heck no! We fight, we disagree, and we definitely have different opinions on a lot of things.

But we work at it. We TALK it out.

We try as much as we can to GIVE 100% and expect nothing in return and we try to touch home base in God’s word daily and we consult wise council when we feel ourselves getting off track.

Justin and I went to high-school together – we both left the area, went to college, and we lived our lives for over 10 years – never imagining what the future held for us… Where we were headed.

Thanks to Facebook we reconnected and the rest is history 

Growing up, my parents separated and divorced when I was very young. I have 9 siblings plus me and this is a result of our blended family.

Now – I can proudly say that I have my own little blended family.  😍

I’m a proud step-mom of two amazing young men and Justin and I have two little ones too, making 4 between us.

All together these 5 guys represent the biggest blessing and the best challenge I have ever experienced!

I used to worry about what God’s plan was for my life.

I used to get all caught up with how to do things the BEST and most perfect way.

Now – these guys have changed me. Coaching has changed me.
Love has changed me.

ALL for the better.

I love the Lord for what He did to Save us.

I love being a fitness Coach and business mentor.

I love encouraging women and providing them with community, support, confidence, and a way out.

I love being a Wife and a Mom!

Who represents you heart?
What picture represents your biggest blessing? I would love to see!!