Budget Friendly Groceries

How can you stick to a budget and STILL eat healthy?  I get asked this question ALL THE TIME!

We try to follow a plan each week for our family’s meals and recently, for several reasons, we have decided to re-tighten the reigns on our budget.

organicSince Dave Ramsey’s FPU worked so well for us in the past, we are now back on the same type of budget that we employed to get us out of so much debt when we first got married.

Since then, and since Parker was born, I have become increasingly aware of things like GMO’s, harmful ingredients, pesticides, and what have you. Therefore, I am OFFICIALLY on a mission to continue to live free of as much of that garbage as possible AND save money at the same time. 

As busy Mom’s – its easy to get into the habit of going to the larger grocery store simply for the one-stop-shopping convenience. BUT, if you’re on a mission to SAVE like me, sometimes more than one trip to more than one place is going to have to be your norm for now!

I am quite impressed with many of the things that I find at Aldi! From inexpensive almond milk ($2.49) to .89 cent eggs, from organic lettuce for a good price to much much more in the way of organic and clean foods.

Check out their website —> http://www.aldi.com

Did you know that European brands don’t use GMO’s? Many of the “specialty” items at Aldi are actually manufactured in Europe so they are SAFE!

Although there are still MANY specific things that I will need to frequent Giant Eagle for,  we DEFINITELY make a point to shop at Aldi FIRST.

Whats you favorite place to shop for grocery deals?

Recharge: My Cure for Late Night Snack Binging


Recharge is my Jam!

Are you a late night snacker?

Well if so – this tasty tip will bring some relief to all of your late night snack attacks!

I don’t know about you, but I have the most trouble sticking to my diet plan late at night. I do great all day long and then once 9PM hits, I start craving something!

If you are looking to lose body fat but also gain lean muscle mass, then fasting from 6 or 7pm till morning (contrary to popular belief) is NOT what you want to do!

If you want your muscles to grow, you MUST feed them! The best way to do this AND also enjoy a scrumptious late night treat is to invest in some of our new Recharge Shake – which contains casein protein.

Recharge contains Casein Protein, which is different from the ever popular whey protein in that it breaks down very slowly in the body; whereas, whey breaks down much more quickly. Because of this- casein is great to drink right before bed so that your body is getting the benefits of the protein throughout the night as you sleep!

What’s the most awesome factor in this equation? Not only does it do your body good but it tastes AMAZING!!

rechargeAlthough whey protein (the kind found in the regular formula of Shakeology) is essential in any active person’s daily diet and exercise routine, casein is what you want to blend up right before you succumb to slumber.

Does the thought of a yummy vanilla shake at night sound like something you would enjoy? Are you looking to lose body fat and gain muscle mass?

If so – comment below and I can send you some more info on this awesome product!

The Lumee Cell Phone Case Cracked My Screen

Usually, if I do a product review, it is a GOOD one.  12654358_10207474603276573_67059459329438939_n

Today is not usual.

In fact, I’m doing this post to warn anyone who thinks about ordering themselves the LuMee cell phone case

While this phone case is one that lights up, making your selfie’s bright and happy, it really does NOTHING in the way of protecting your phone.

In fact, every time you drop your phone – the phone actually pops right out of the case.

I now have a cracked screen to prove this! Needless to say I stopped at the Verizon store today to buy myself a new case.  

Pretty selfie’s are necessary! YES.  However, this cell phone case is not one that I would recommend to someone who wants a phone that is intact.

Hope this helps a least one person!