Imperfect Body, Unashamed, and Happy!

We ALL have an imperfect body (YES – ALL of us) and don’t you ever begin to believe otherwise! 


On a daily basis, SO many women tell me that they wish that they were able to have abs like mine after having kids. I get asked all the time, “How have you managed to get through two pregnancies and still have a PERFECT stomach and a perfect body?”

Well first of all, let me BEE completely honest for a second and tell you that I have been shaking in my boots all day about sharing this.  

I took this picture because I wanted to show you my imperfect body that displays loud and clear that I am FAR FROM perfect!

As a fitness coach AND a Mom who has gone through 2 pregnancies and gained 40-60 pounds with each one, I felt a BIG responsibility to post this truth bomb for you tonight… even if its not the prettiest of pictures.

I want you to know loud and clear that there is NO such thing as PERFECT! And trying to chase perfection is like trying to chase the wind… you will NEVER get there!

Sure, my abs look GREAT in pictures when I FLEX and stand up straight… but if I crunch and scrunch, its obvious that this Mommy tummy has been stretched more than once and is PLENTY loose!

Its NOT about your SKIN!
Its not about your body fat percentage
or your pants size!

Its not even about completing 21 Days without cheating on your plan… <3

Its about how you FEEL from the inside out.
Its about LOVING yourself for who you are.
Its about feeling comfortable in your skin,
even if it is LOOSE or SAGGING.

Its about being PROUD to be a Mom, imperfect body and all or your flaws!

I never want any mother to feel that she is not beautiful just the way she is, with all the wrinkles, stretch marks, loose skin, and scars.

I never want any woman to feel that she needs to look like the airbrushed version of beauty that our media portrays as realistic.

I wanted you to see that EVERY body has its FLAWS!


YOU are beautiful.
You are FEARFULLY and wonderfully made!

Much LOVE and respect goes out tonight to ALL the Mom’s who have sacrificed their bodies, their time, and their mental health for their children…

Now, don’t get me wrong… we are DEFINITELY WORTH taking the BEST care of our bodies.

But trying to BEE perfect?

Not happening.
Not realistic.
Not worth it!

If you know a Mom who would be comforted by a post like this, feel free to SHARE this post or even tag them in a comment!

LOVE you ladies! <3

xoxo – Laura

Old Pictures Telling Stories

old pictures

Old pictures say a LOT.

Like these…
Age 16 – Age 36

And I never really woke up and changed until 29.

Wreck-less and wrecked for so many years. It took me a long time to really hit rock bottom – because – when it comes to bad, for me it had to get so bad that I no longer had a choice but to change…

And then, I met Jesus.

Read His Word.
Understood it.
Memorized it.
Believed it.

Saw Clearly for the first time…

And believing was easy because I felt His presence and heard Him calling me to something greater…

But success does NOT happen in a straight line; and everyone has a past they’re not particularly proud of.

It takes time to heal wounds.
It takes time to build back trust.

It takes time to REALLY BELIEVE you CAN be forgiven.

Some things “sorry” just doesn’t fix.
Some times wounds have to heal over time.

What matters is what you do TODAY.
What you WILL do tomorrow.
And what you do DAILY.

Your past does NOT have to define you!!
If you stick to a present that reflects your new path, you will CREATE a new future for yourself.

Change is possible for ANYONE.

But you have to work for it. You have to sacrifice doing what you WANT to do for what’s RIGHT.

You have to find a way to keep the “old you” where she belongs…

A distant memory.
A good laugh.
As a testimony.
A lesson to learn from and teach.

Instead of burying the past, use it.
Share your story.

It can help someone else & I would BET it will HEAL you in the process.

And remember – never give up on someone… there is always hope, and there is always a new day each morning.


What’s your story?

Chair Exercise – Three Body Sculpting Routines

3 Chair Exercise Routines That You Can Do Sitting Down


The following 3 chair exercise routines were inspired by some clients of mine who’s mobility had been limited for one reason or another.  If you have been injured or cannot use your legs, try these three workouts and let me know what you think!  These routines can be an excellent way to ease back into an active routine or keep your already active lifestyle in place after an injury.  

Even if you DO have full mobility, try these workouts out as a handy way to “talk yourself into exercising.”  

When you are aching or tired from your day, the idea of sitting down to exercise might sound more doable. In fact, after a LONG day at work, sometimes the thought of getting to sit down during a workout might be VERY appealing!

Whatever you do, DON’T QUIT!

When you come across a challenge in life, don’t let that stop you.  If you find yourself with a limitation; rather than letting it hold you back, find a way around it so that you can make the best of the situation. LOOK for solutions and you will find them!

OK, here we go!


In this first video, try each move for 20-40 reps. Breathe on exertion as you sit up straight with your shoulder blades back and your neck aligned with your spine. Lack of mobility does NOT mean that you can’t get core strength! 

Music by GoSoundtrack (Royalty Free Music)


Don’t limit your challenges. CHALLENGE your limits! For this next workout, try each move for 20 reps (regular speed). Then, do 10 SLOW. Let me know how this works for you!

(Music was created by


For this last workout, do each move for 10-20 reps. Do each arm separate and then together! Do these exercises consistently to build upper body strength and increase your muscle tone!  

Check with your doctor before starting any workout regimen!  As always, if you have questions for me, please don’t hesitate to reach out on this page! Find me on Facebook at