Old Pictures Telling Stories

old pictures

Old pictures say a LOT.

Like these…
Age 16 – Age 36

And I never really woke up and changed until 29.

Wreck-less and wrecked for so many years. It took me a long time to really hit rock bottom – because – when it comes to bad, for me it had to get so bad that I no longer had a choice but to change…

And then, I met Jesus.

Read His Word.
Understood it.
Memorized it.
Believed it.

Saw Clearly for the first time…

And believing was easy because I felt His presence and heard Him calling me to something greater…

But success does NOT happen in a straight line; and everyone has a past they’re not particularly proud of.

It takes time to heal wounds.
It takes time to build back trust.

It takes time to REALLY BELIEVE you CAN be forgiven.

Some things “sorry” just doesn’t fix.
Some times wounds have to heal over time.

What matters is what you do TODAY.
What you WILL do tomorrow.
And what you do DAILY.

Your past does NOT have to define you!!
If you stick to a present that reflects your new path, you will CREATE a new future for yourself.

Change is possible for ANYONE.

But you have to work for it. You have to sacrifice doing what you WANT to do for what’s RIGHT.

You have to find a way to keep the “old you” where she belongs…

A distant memory.
A good laugh.
As a testimony.
A lesson to learn from and teach.

Instead of burying the past, use it.
Share your story.

It can help someone else & I would BET it will HEAL you in the process.

And remember – never give up on someone… there is always hope, and there is always a new day each morning.


What’s your story?

YOU were meant to do GREAT things!!

Great thingsYOU were meant to do GREAT things!!  And YES, I’m talking to YOU!

Regardless of any type of rut or dead end you might be in right now, your life has a purpose and a HUGE potential.

Why wait to start living your TRUTH?
I mean really, why settle for less than happy?
Why sit idle on your situation when you KNOW it needs to change?

Trust me, I’ve been there.
I’ve gone through the motions many many times.

Whatever bad habit you might be trying to break, it usually always goes like this; first, you tell yourself, “This is DAY ONE. I am turning a NEW leaf on life… I’m not giving up or giving in anymore!”

And then suddenly; sometimes without even realizing it, you go on autopilot and you break your own promises to yourself without even realizing you blew it until it’s too late.

Yep, rest assured you are NOT alone. This is the human condition, I don’t care who you are or what your particular sins or vices are.

You can get sucked in so quickly; so fast that you feel helpless!  But, I want to encourage you to trust and believe that YOU are NOT helpless!!!!

Even though it SEEMS easy to just live with the same old same old; I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You DO NOT have to live this way.  You CAN control your actions and your habits. You have the ability to set your mind on GOOD and noble things. You CAN replace your old ways with NEW ways.

If I did it, I know anyone can.

It just takes time, trial and error, and MOST importantly – some support and accountability along the way.

I know I needed it!  Having people to answer to and people to support me was exactly what I needed!

How about deciding NOW that this is your time to do an about face and turn your life around?

Why wait any longer when you know it needs to happen?

I personally believe that ANYONE and EVERYONE has the ability to change.

NOW – Does change just happen like magic?


Change is HARD.
Change makes you have to give things up.
POSITIVE change requires WORK
And consistency.

But it’s really so much simpler than it seems..

It all just starts with a DECISION.
You just have to START.

And then here’s the secret sauce to success – you have to KEEP GOING!!

Maybe it’s time for a change in YOUR life.

I will tell you that the pathway to REAL change will never be perfect. It takes daily commitment and it often takes HELP.

In the past, I know I needed it; and even after all these years, I often still do!

I am eternally grateful for my faith in Jesus Christ, my husband, and my commitment to nutrition and exercise as a Coach.

These 3 things combined have taken me from being broken and self conscious to being confident about my future and feeling amazing about life.

You can find YOUR THINGS TOO! You can make that change you desire. And if you need some help like I did – don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m here to show you what’s possible.


There is a way for you too.

Believe that!! 🙌🏼❤️
I know I do!!

Thankful and Happy for This Journey

menonipHi there!! I’m Laura – and I’m thankful and happy to BEE on this journey called LIFE.  I’m a wife, a Mom, a personal trainer, and a coach.

I’m SO excited that you stumbled upon my blog – please enter your email and subscribe for regular content <3

You will see me as I am now but you need to know that I have NOT always been such a positive person. It has taken me time, practice, and discipline to get to BEE this way – and I am STILL SO FAR from where God intends me to be.

I love helping and mentoring women to change their mindset and ultimately their life story. I love seeking out and finding other ladies to join me on this journey of happy, healthy living!

If this sounds like you and you can relate to ME and what I’m all about – don’t hesitate to reach out.

One of the things that has helped me SO much is to practice meditating on the things that I am THANKFUL for – rather than dwelling on all the things I am lacking.

Doing this has been SO key for me, otherwise I get all caught up in all the JUNK that tends to SLOW and STIFLE. And I will NOT go back there again.

So with that said, I want to take a few minutes to share a few of the reasons why I am SO grateful and passionate about what I do and WHY I’m doing it…

laura red collageFirst and foremost – I’m thankful for the Lord Jesus

How He ripped me from the depths of drug addiction
How His holy spirit turned me inside out and backwards
How His mighty Will made me hit rock bottom and go places I pray I will NEVER see again

How His word opened my eyes to the TRUTH.

I’m thankful that He saved me
I’m thankful for all those who told me things I didn’t want to hear.
I’m even thankful for all those things that almost killed me.
For without all of that I would not BEE who I am today.

I’m thankful for my faith.
That even when crazy things happen in the world – that I can still cling to God and KNOW that His promises are TRUE and they are ALL happening according to His plan.

The good and the bad.
We can REST in the fact that He is in control.

Today – and every day – I am grateful and HONORED to be able to be a Stay-At-Home Mom AND an entrepreneur all at the SAME time.

I’m thankful for the ladies on our team.

The relationships we’ve built.
The people we are helping.
The freedom and wiggle room that we are creating for our families.
The internal changes and GROWTH that we have gone though and are going through together.

I’m thankful for this great adventure as a Beachbody Coach…
How I was able to take that leap of faith and become a business owner with zero sign up fees and very minimal investment

I was able to start building a rock solid, lucrative home business while FRAZZLED and knowing NOTHING about network marketing
Pregnant with an 18 month old
CEO of the household
With ALL the STUFF that I had going on at the time.
With all the TO-DO’s on my list
I jumped in and just DID IT.
I’m thankful for my husband.
My BEST friend.
My confidant
My comic relief
My lover
The BEST father I could ask for for my kids

I’m thankful that he supports our coaching business
That he SUPPORTS what our team is doing.
That he see’s the vision of where we are headed…
Because he too has been changed BIG time by our involvement with Beachbody.

Was it always this way?
Not really!!
We were definitely apprehensive at first!!

Coaching is NOT a get rich quick scheme at ALL.
It takes consistency, hustle, and heart.
It takes the ability to get knocked down and get right on up.
It takes a heart for helping others
Even on days when you feel like YOU are the one who needs the help.

I’m thankful for GROWTH and CHANGE
For the things that I’ve learned
For the things that I WILL learn
The friends the I’ve made and the mentors who have influenced me.

For the PASSION within me to help others.
boysTo stay at home.
While earning a full time income.
While being present with my kids
While experiencing every milestone
On my OWN schedule that I created.

Its totally worth it!!

To BEE successful – you will need to work HARD at whatever job you do…

WHY NOT work hard doing a job that you LOVE?
Why not make a difference in the process?

My whole life, even as a kid
even messed up at rock bottom
I always KNEW that I would make an impact.
I always KNEW that helping others was my purpose.
But I never knew HOW.
Until I became a Coach.

My passion.
My Vehicle.
My heart.
And I know this is just the beginning.

Do you know you were meant for MORE but don’t know where to start?
Well, I have some tips for you – lets chat soon!

xoxo – Laura