This was SUCH a fun night just like every night on our Beachbody Success Club Cruise adventure… 

fun night cruise adventure

Mushy post alert!! But I can’t help it.

Matt and Jess – in case you don’t know them, are a VERY amazing couple – and the longer I know them, the more I love them dearly!

Justin and I have a history with these two – we met them about 6 years ago in Florida and they have played such a HUGE role in how our life has played out.

Back then – they truly affected the course of where our relationship was heading when we were still brand new and falling in love.

A little back story here in case we just became friends recently.

Justin and I went to high school together and we graduated in the same class. We were not high school sweethearts, in fact we were completely different back then. Justin was into sports and I was into Art and partying. 🎉

Fast forward over 10 years, we both had lived our lives, went to college, and learned many lessons – and by the grace of God we were reunited on Facebook of all places.

We both just happened to be single and we both happened to notice one another – and ironically we both reached out on the same day to each other on Facebook.

Not coincidence.

To make a long story short, we had a romance over Skype… A long distance courtship. And we fell in love.

After a couple visits, I decided to move to live with him from Illinois to Florida. This was right after I had been saved and given my life to Christ… Still a sinner and still a bit confused as to what I should and shouldn’t be doing.

But quickly – after I packed up my life and moved in – God lead us to a church called Calvary Baptist in Florida.
This is where we met Matt and Jess and all the others that were there at the time…

We got close with them, we prayed with them, we studied the Bible with them, there was a huge group of us who got together weekly and studied scripture, talked, and got all fired up about the Lord regularly.

And then…. Of course Justin and I started to feel uncomfortable. Here we were living together and not married. We weren’t necessarily following some of the things we were learning about… 😁

Matt and Jess were such an awesome example and support for us back then.
When God led Justin to become baptized, and then led me to decide to move back to Illinois so that we could walk in the spirit… Even if it meant being apart.

A decision like that feels crazy at the time… And having these guys to stand behind us was HUGE.

We didn’t know what to do but we knew that keeping things the same was not working or making sense based on what we read in the Word.

I remember one night outside of a restaurant… After a big group of us had all met for Bible study and then went out to eat after…

Matt, Justin, Jessica, and I were talking for hours after everyone else had left about all that the Lord was doing in our lives and I told Jess that “I know we will be working together some day.”
I saw it.
I didn’t know how that would play out or what we would be doing but I knew we would be doing something together.

I did it.
I moved back to Illinois.
We cried.
And honestly it seemed crazy.
But we did it because we were moved to.

Two months later we were engaged.
About three months after that we were married.

A couple of years later and I signed up with Jess as a coach – just to get Justin and I back on the workout wagon that we fell WAAYY off after we had Parker.

I was mopey and self conscious.
Now I’m energized and confident.

I was depressed and sad.
Now I look forward to each new day.

I felt like I could be doing more.
Now I AM doing more.

This is my service. This is what I love doing. I love helping women feel better from the inside out and become more balanced.

Coaching has changed my life in so many ways and Jess and I have both grown SO much as a result.
Working side by side.

Bouncing off ideas. Having FUN!
Growing one another.
Sharpening one another.
I know this friendship is NOT by accident.

I know what I had said in that parking lot that night 6 years ago came true.
And I know that this is only the beginning.

God has BIG plans and I’m visualizing them daily as we move closer and closer to them.
I pray it BEE all for HIS glory.

Thank you both for all you do! We Love you guys! Can’t wait to see you in Nashville!