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Certified Fitness Trainer.  Star Diamond Fitness Coach.  Business Mentor.

Transforming Lives from the Inside Out

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m Laura Buzzell: wife, mother, born-Again Christian, personal trainer, and Star Diamond Online Health and Fitness Coach. I am committed to helping others break free of their own unhealthy habits so that they, in turn, can do the same for others. Through my experience, I have found that fitness and nutrition combined is the cure to so many ailments, and I am living proof of that! You can read my story here.

Getting involved with our online Health and Fitness Support groups is a great way to start your journey toward living a healthier lifestyle. Daily check-ins as well as one-on-one support will hold you accountable and keep you ON track. As a TEAM – we lift each other up and achieve our goals together!

Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life? Would you like to earn significant income and obtain a life of financial freedom by working out, drinking Shakeology, sharing your experience, and helping others do the same? Join our team of coaches, The Transformation Tribe! As a part of our coach family – you will be mentored by the best and given all the resources you will need to be successful!

What is Beachbody Coaching?

Laura Buzzell & The Transformation Tribe

Laura Buzzell, founder of the Transformation Tribe, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Online Fitness and Wellness Coach. She has helped hundreds of women to achieve life changing results by helping them break their OLD cycle of unhealthy habits and create a NEW lifestyle of healthy living. Laura works with closely with these women in Online Fitness Support Groups as well as on a one-on-one basis.

Laura is one of the TOP leaders in her network. She is #280 out of over 400,000 in the network. She is continually mentoring and training other women on how to build a successful, flexible, and thriving home business. Our team’s mission is to TRANSFORM lives from the inside out  – and our success is based solely on our mission to help as many people as we can to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Join our community! You will find a variety of content here – from cooking tips and recipes to business tips and strategies. From encouragement and motivation to stories of salvation and success. From fitness tips, workouts, and fit pregnancy advice to Mommy struggles, nursing mama talk, and comic relief. We are simply a group of imperfect people striving for progress together!

These groups have been awesome and so positive as well! We have such a great team of ladies that care and support one another. I love Beachbody and the products. It’s changed my life for the better, very thankful I committed and became a Coach when I did!

Heather Martinez-Richardson

The challenge groups have been a life changer for me! I’m grateful for my “fitness family” to turn to for support and to keep me accountable! The women in our group are so inspiring, it keeps me going!

Jenn Kightlinger

My Philosophy

Fitness – You can sit around wishing that you had the body, the energy, and the outlook that you’ve always wanted; but that will not get you anywhere unless you DO something. In order to GET what you want, you need to find the right support, the right mindset, and then you must WORK for it!  YOU can do this – I know you can – and I am here to help you do just that.

Nutrition – Eating Clean 80% of the time, drinking Shakeology, getting all the nutrients your body needs daily, and drinking the right amount of water each day can have such a profound impact on your life!  Finding a BALANCE and scheduling it into your daily routine is KEY.

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