I’ve struggled with being overweight for literally my ENTIRE LIFE. My whole family consists of very overweight people and I have been the same since I was a little kid. When I fist got in contact with Laura Buzzell, I was battling constant depression, always anxious, tired and stressed to the max! Then she introduced me to Shakeology and the community made up of her challenge groups. The amazing ladies I have befriended since then have driven me to work harder, commit to the change every day and to love and embrace myself even though I’m not perfect.

Big thank you to Laura for EVERYTHING she does to guide us on our journeys <3

Emily Savolainen

The challenge groups are a total success changer for myself, I’ve learned self confidence and how to support others at the same time.

Melanie Sweazy

Before Beachbody, I had just been resigned to the fact that I would never be an active, fit person. I couldn’t exercise or do “those” workouts. But I discovered I could do so much more than I thought I could! With the support of Laura Buzzell and our challenge groups, I don’t give up anymore. I don’t let one day of bad choices ruin my attitude about my goals of being healthy. I’m human, and I’ll mess up. But my support system is right there to point out my successes and encourage me to keep going. Best part? My self esteem has skyrocketed during this journey and after 2.5 years, I’m still committed!

Tracy Post McCullough

Laura’s Challenge Groups have totally changed my life. I was so hesitant in the beginning … Being in a group, with women I didn’t know.. Investing financially in my health and fitness (which initially sounds a little overwhelming).. Actually having to be accountable..   
Months later, I could not be more pleased that I took the plunge and decided to do something for myself. Laura always makes it a point to check in on me and to encourage me to do the best I can. Shakeology… Has saved my life. I am a mother of two and there are just days where I don’t eat as much as I should, or I  just don’t eat as well as I should…. But knowing I have Shakeology, which is convenient, tasty, and ridiculously healthy help take some of the pressure off when I’m constantly on the go. I love the challenge groups, I love the workouts, I love the shakeology.

Summer La'Shae Eckle

Since I started beach body I have lost over 20 lb and 18inches. My anxiety was through the roof and I was very hard on myself. Trying to find a reason to live every day was getting harder and harder.

I now drink shakology every day and I’m a beach body coach. I have inspired two ladies who have lost a total of 15 pounds between them both. They love seeing my progress and it makes them want to work even harder. My baby is only 6 months old and I have lost all this weight so far.

The challenge groups that we are in our completely amazing. there are days that I just don’t feel like working out and I will look on the posts and how excited all the other ladies are and it makes me excited so I just press play. Then after I get my workout in I just feel so much better and have so much more energy for the day.


My kids absolutely love it because I have more energy to play with them and I am more physical and able to go for bike rides and walks and stuff that they enjoy.


my husband sees that I am working out daily and losing a ton of weight and now he’s working out also!
I couldn’t ask for a better team or a better coach to help me through my journey. It truly has been a blessing!

Ambryann Hollabaugh