Neck Pain Relief for “Tech-Neck”

 Do you have “Tech- Neck”

Did you know that a lot of chronic neck pain can be attributed to looking down at your cell phone or at a keyboard for extended periods?

I know that I definitely do this a LOT… 😁

Especially considering that my office work station has been our big old slouchy leather armchair and a laptop for quite some time now! 😂

neck pain

One thing I learned recently that you can do to counteract this forward lean is to lay on your back – on your bed or a place where you can hang your head over the edge – and your head hang and relax like this!!!

🙃It actually feels really good!!Needless to say – I’m now actively looking for an ergonomically correct desk and chair – I need it ASAP!!

Do you have a desk chair or a desk that is super comfy and you absolutely love?

Here is a video showing 5 stretches that I use to combat neck pain.

Try each stretch for 10-20 seconds – for chronic pain and problems, see your health professional for help.

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