Eating Clean 80% of the time, drinking Shakeology, getting all the nutrients your body needs daily, and drinking the right amount of water each day can have such a profound impact on your life!  I know that it has had a HUGE impact on mine!

I used to fly by the seat of my pants and use excuses like “I’m too busy to PLAN out my meals…” But now, after almost 3 years of coaching and consistency, I have found that planning, prepping, and going to the store with a list has not only changed the way our family eats, but it has saved us a lot of money too!

I like to keep it simple.

  • I plan our meals every week and meal prep twice a week.
  • I LOVE crockpot meals that last a couple of days so that DON’T have to cook.
  • I often make double recipes and freeze the rest.
  • I am passionate about PLANNING it out so we don’t fall into the “let’s just order out” trap.

I owe so much of this to the 21 Day Fix style of meal planning and portioning. It’s such a simple and easy system to follow! With a solid plan to fit my day, ZERO calorie counting, and an a helpful app to go with it – this system is seriously a fool proof plan! I have seen countless numbers of people on my team get such amazing results using this system and I would love to help you do the same.

A busy life does NOT have to mean an unhealthy one, or one where you neglect your own health and your family’s health due to poor choices or poor planning. If I can find the time to do it, if I can pull it off, then I know you can too! To me, the 21 Day Fix Plan is like training wheels for clean, healthy eating — have you tried them on?

If you are curious, don’t BEE afraid to reach out!

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