We ALL have an imperfect body (YES – ALL of us) and don’t you ever begin to believe otherwise! 


On a daily basis, SO many women tell me that they wish that they were able to have abs like mine after having kids. I get asked all the time, “How have you managed to get through two pregnancies and still have a PERFECT stomach and a perfect body?”

Well first of all, let me BEE completely honest for a second and tell you that I have been shaking in my boots all day about sharing this.  

I took this picture because I wanted to show you my imperfect body that displays loud and clear that I am FAR FROM perfect!

As a fitness coach AND a Mom who has gone through 2 pregnancies and gained 40-60 pounds with each one, I felt a BIG responsibility to post this truth bomb for you tonight… even if its not the prettiest of pictures.

I want you to know loud and clear that there is NO such thing as PERFECT! And trying to chase perfection is like trying to chase the wind… you will NEVER get there!

Sure, my abs look GREAT in pictures when I FLEX and stand up straight… but if I crunch and scrunch, its obvious that this Mommy tummy has been stretched more than once and is PLENTY loose!

Its NOT about your SKIN!
Its not about your body fat percentage
or your pants size!

Its not even about completing 21 Days without cheating on your plan… <3

Its about how you FEEL from the inside out.
Its about LOVING yourself for who you are.
Its about feeling comfortable in your skin,
even if it is LOOSE or SAGGING.

Its about being PROUD to be a Mom, imperfect body and all or your flaws!

I never want any mother to feel that she is not beautiful just the way she is, with all the wrinkles, stretch marks, loose skin, and scars.

I never want any woman to feel that she needs to look like the airbrushed version of beauty that our media portrays as realistic.

I wanted you to see that EVERY body has its FLAWS!


YOU are beautiful.
You are FEARFULLY and wonderfully made!

Much LOVE and respect goes out tonight to ALL the Mom’s who have sacrificed their bodies, their time, and their mental health for their children…

Now, don’t get me wrong… we are DEFINITELY WORTH taking the BEST care of our bodies.

But trying to BEE perfect?

Not happening.
Not realistic.
Not worth it!

If you know a Mom who would be comforted by a post like this, feel free to SHARE this post or even tag them in a comment!

LOVE you ladies! <3

xoxo – Laura