I dish out TOUGH LOVE quite often. And it’s OKAY! Trust me, I dish it out to myself EVERY DAY.

But let’s just make sure we are clear on some things… You can sit around wishing that you had the body, the energy, and the outlook that you’ve always wanted. But that will not get you anywhere!

  • Fitness is not an overnight success story
  • Its not about how hard and long you exercise.
  • Fitness is not made impossible by genetics.
  • Fitness is not about eating less.
  • Fitness is not about “waiting till the right moment” to finally do it.

Fitness is about going all in both physically AND mentally.  For me and so many others, a crucial part of our success is group support, having mentors, workout buddies, and success partners. But, no one can do the work for you. I can help you, but ultimately you have to find your motivation within. You have to say no to things you want to do, and yes to things you don’t necessarily want to to.

You need to develop a solid plan, and put the in the hard work now – consistently – knowing great rewards come later.

If you aren’t getting the results you want, despite your efforts, something needs to change to help you move forward. Maybe it’s time you really committed to yourself. Show up and do the work, be intentional about what you put into your body, dial in your nutrition, push yourself, and DON’T QUIT, even when you REALLY want to. It’s about you. This is your life, and it’s all about what you do.

What are you waiting for?

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