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Countdown to Christmas Challenge

Would you like to get on track with your health & fitness goals BEFORE Christmas this year?

Are you looking for a simple and straightforward workout & nutrition plan that is realistic and DOABLE during this hustle bustle season?

Are you the type of person who would like someone to be there to help motivate you and hold you accountable?

I’m looking for 3 more individuals to who are ready to start making DAILY progress with their health and fitness. I plan to coach, mentor, and hold these 3 accountable next month in our Online Support group that starts for Day ONE on the 5th of December and leads us all the way until Christmas!

If you are interested in getting one-on-one help from a Certified Fitness Trainer and Coach (me); as well as, receive group motivation, fitness & meal planning support, plus get daily positivity & accountability – comment YES below to be considered for one of the 3 remaining spots!

The Christmas season is a time of year for celebrating Christ’s birth, spending time with family, friends, giving, AND doing LOTS of prep work in the days that lead up to this BIG day…

We WILL ALL be busy!!!

ALL the ladies in our group are SUPER BUSY. BUT that isn’t going to cause us to put our fitness on HOLD and lose ALL the progress that we have been making JUST because its “that time of year.”

As a TEAM – we will still make time for daily exercise, clean eating, and proper nutrition this December!

We are already doing this NOW in our current group and this is now the longest that I’ve gone without a cheat meal in as long as I can remember!! (True story)

How am I able to do this??

Workouts that are 30 minutes or less

Shakeology, Meal Planning, and practicing Clean Eating

Having the accountability and the motivation that I get from all the ladies in our group and the other coaches on our team.

Countdown the days to Christmas with us this year! Make it through December without heading back UP on that Yo-Yo’ing roller coaster that is SO common this time of year.

This year can be different. This year we can all BEE feeling AMAZING by the time New Years hits. By then, we will already be on the road to a better version of ourselves from the inside OUT. <3

I only have 3 spots left and this group is filling up quickly!!

To apply click this link ——> bit.ly/GetSupportGetHealthy

Deadline to apply is December FIRST or when the group is FULL!